Product Issuance and Settlement Entities

Chateau will be utilizing the 'VASP' structure with a close , 'on the phone' relationship with Bermuda regulators to ensure that all compliance protocols required are being met and are approved of.

The VASP is a Virtual Asset Service Provider structure as specificed in Bermuda Law enacted in 2018. Since then the VASP has slowly arrived at with public recognition from the Blockchain regulatory and investment world as the Gold Standard of Digital compliance, going above the U.S. compliance standard requirements in many cases. More importantly, Bermuda regulators do not legislate by legal action but through clearly stipulated law, which , when unclear, can be readily made lucid by quick turnaround response time with regulators. In addition to makeing use of the VASP, Chateau will also issue a lower threshold compliance provider out of British Virgin Islands as a separate entity servicing non U.S. based customers who seek to gain exposure to U.S. based as well as non U.S. based products without actually having to purchase them. Chateau astute adaptibility will ensure that pursuit maximum defi liquidity, finding the best product market fit for both liquid and ,especially, illiquid assets, is never so aggressive as to compromise Chateau's vigilance toward what is deemed as the necessary regulatory compliance for each of its products regardless.

In many cases , Chateau customers will not merely issue or purchase a token, but may be doing so in order to enter an executory agreement by which the underlying products value will be subject to settlement at some future date.

Should Chateau token purchasers be U.S. persons, Chateau is ready with necessary token protocols as well as partnerships with Transfer Agents and other third party validators necessary for compliant dispensation of public securities, private issues, and derivatives. When possible, Chateau will be seeking to create automated legal work flows to delabor these processes as much as possible.

Customer Contract Settlement, may occur by delivery, cash settlement, liquidation, by rebate or some such other stipulated method. Regardless, settlement will always be maintained by the respective entity , a VASP or SPV, from which Chateau originally issued, listed or sold its product. There will be no conflation of entities in this process , nor obfuscation by entity stacking or Three Card Monty style paper-shuffling.

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